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Our Family of Missouri - Local Favorites - Producers

St Louis Classic BBQ Sauce - 18.5 oz
Sweet Mustard Sauce - 18.5 oz 

Cranberry Pepper Jelly - 10 oz          
Blueberry Pepper Jelly - 10 oz
Hot Damn Pineapple Jam - 10 oz 

Rib Rub - 10.5 oz 
RED - Dry Sriracha Blend - 5 oz
Smoke N' Apple Rub - 5 oz
Chicken Seasoning- 5 oz
Beef & Burger Spice - 5 oz
Sweet Louisiana Spice - 5 oz
Chili Margarita - 5 oz 

For Local Favorites Wholesale Pricing Please Contact Us For A Copy Of Our Most Recent Catalog. 

Original Hot BBQ Sauce - 21 oz

     Mild - BBQ Sauce - 21 oz


Black Jalaberry Jam - 8 oz
Cherry Bomb Jam - 8 oz
Peachy Peno Jam - 8 oz
Blue Banero Jam - 8 oz

Salted Caramel Pecan Brittle - 4.5 oz
Salted Caramel Pecan w/ Jalapeno


Sweet Jalapeno Mustard - 8 oz

Simplifying the sourcing of over 150 quality Missouri made local foods with “One Delivery – One Invoice”  

Primal Cry Hot Sauce - 5 oz

 Sassy Peanut Sauce - 9 oz 


Top Tomato Bloody Mary Mix - 16 oz
Italian Style Tomato Sauce - 24 oz
​Big Johns BBQ Sauce - 16 oz
Homemade Ketchup - 16 oz
CHUTNEY'S - 16 oz
Cranberry Apple Jalapeno
Pear Ginger
​Big John’s Nitrite Free Bacon Snack Sticks


Basil & Honey Lotion - 8 oz 

      Skin Repair - 1.8 oz 


Elderberry Extract - 8 oz
Wellness Syrup - 8 oz
Children's Formula - 8 oz

Elderberry Jam - 9 oz
Elderberry Jelly - 9 oz
Blueberry/Elderberry - 9 oz
Elderberry/Ginger/Pecan - 9 oz

Elderflower Syrup - 12 oz
Elderflower/Ginger Syrup - 12 oz


    Original Sweet Heat - 16 oz

Gluten Free Sweet Velvet - 16 oz

                 AVAILABLE FAVORITES

​Gourmet Flavored Honey Available in 11 oz Glass Jars or 16 oz Squeeze Bottles. In The Following Flavors:

Jalapeno (Mild)


Signature Goose Poop- Spicy -12 oz

   Gringo Goose Poop- Mild -12 oz

   Goose Poop Duck Butter- 12 oz


​White Wine and Garlic - 12.3 oz
It's To Die For Steak Drizzle - 12.3 oz
Biker Babe Steak Drizzle - 12.3 oz
Peach Jalapeno - 12.3 oz
Raspberry Chipotle - 12.3 oz
Mango Pineapple - 12.3 oz


   Sweet & Tangy - 16 oz

  Original Sesame - 16 oz


​Garlic Butter Sauce - 12 oz

​Hand poured with quality botanical fragrances and essential oils in 8 oz mason jars in the following seasonal scents- 


         Black Walnut Oil - 8 oz

Fancy Large Black Walnuts - 8 oz

Autumn Jubilee
Caramel Pecan
English Lavender
Hot Apple Dumpling
Merry Mistletoe
Pumpkin Souffle
Vanilla Hazelnut
Winter Dreams
Brandied Pear
Clean Cotton
Fresh Apple 
Fresh Spring
Geranium Grapefruit
Jamaica Me Crazy
Lemon Lavender
Oakmoss Amber
Rosemary & Thyme
Wildflowers & Butterflies
                 AVAILABLE FAVORITES

​Home Made Salsa Available in the Following Flavors: 16 oz                
                          Grandma’s Recipe                                                      Mild   
                                Cilantro Lime
                             Mild Salsa Verde 
                                Tequila Lime 
                              Mango Habanero 
                               Hot Salsa Verde

Small Batch Hot Sauce's Available in the Following Flavors:  5 oz      

                                    Sweet Fire
                                Serrano Pepper 
                                   Sweet Heat
                           Red Jalapeno Pepper   


   Rosemary Mint- 12.7 oz

    Three Pepper- 12.7 oz

  Ginger Hibiscus- 12.7 oz

 Cardamom Spice- 12.7 oz

Lavender Earl Grey- 12.7 oz

    Classic Rose- 12.7 oz

   Vanilla Allspice- 12.7 oz

Baby Boozy Three Sample Pack- 3, 100 ml 


Carolina Moonshine
Mustard Sauce                750 ml

BBQ Sauce                     750 ml

Barrel Aged                     
BBQ Sauce                     750 ml


​ Original Sweet Vinegar &   Olive Oil - 16 oz

    Classic Italian - 16 oz


​     Redhead Chipotle 
        Sauce - 13.5 oz



Garlic Seasonings in the following Flavors - 9 oz
      Ellbee’s Original
          Asian Zing
       Sweet & Smoky
         Chipotle Herb
            Chili Lime
          Lemon Zest

Savory Sampler with-
Original ~ Zesty ~ Tuscan ~ Lemon Zest-  2 oz ea,

Savory Sampler with-
Asian Zing ~ Sweet & Smokey ~ Chipotle Herb Chili Lime- 2 oz ea. 


All purpose seasoning available in the following flavors - 8 oz





Cucumber Dilly Pickles
Sriracha Pickled Green Beans
Pickled Green Tomatoes
Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta
Clementine Thyme Marmalade
7-Pepper Jelly
Strawberry Champagne Jam
Vanilla Bourbon Peach Preserves
Black Garlic Paste
Balsamic Pickled Grapes
Pickled Bloody Mary Mix
Blood Orange Ginger Shrub
Watermelon Habanero Shrub
Meyer Lemon Lavender Shrub
Smoked Spiced Pear Shrub


Pork Snack Sticks Available in the Following Flavors- 1 oz
             Original Pork
              BBQ Bacon
    BBQ Bacon Pepper Jack
  Jalapeno & Cheddar Cheese
     Pepperoni & Mozzarella
       Pepper Jack Cheese

Jerky- 1 oz
            Original Pork

Fully Cooked Summer Sausages Available in the Following Flavors - 8 oz
            Original Pork
       Jalapeno & Cheese
             BBQ Bacon
   BBQ Bacon Pepper Jack

Award Winning Snack Stix's  Available in the Following Flavors: 1 oz
    Beef / Bacon Cheddar
           Beef / BBQ
        Beef / Pepperoni
    Beef / Pepper Cheese
       Pork / TEX - MEX
    Pork / BBQ With Bacon
Jerky: 4 oz
           Beef Jerky
          Bacon Jerky
Award Winning Summer Sausage Available in the Following Varieties: 8 oz
        Italian Salami
      Spicy Pepperoni
    Cheese & Jalepenos
         Swiss Brand

Smokey Sweet KC BBQ Almonds - 4 oz and 2 oz

Cinnamon Candied Pecans - 
4 oz and 2 oz

Bhut Pepper Peanuts - 
5 oz and 2.5 oz


       ​Long Grain White Rice - 
       32 oz (2lb)

       Long Grain Brown Rice - 
       32 oz (2lb)

Non Food - Favorites
                   AVAILABLE FAVORITES

Bacon Brown Sugar Honey Mustard - 9.5 oz

Slow Smoked Jalapeno Honey Mustard - 9.5 oz

Ghost Pepper Honey Mustard - 9.5 oz

Blueberry Balsamic BBQ Sauce - 14.5 oz

Asian Ginger BBQ Sauce - 14.5 oz

Blazing Chipotle BBQ Sauce - 14.5 


​            Original - 14 oz

       Spicy Chipotle - 14 oz

Locally grown coffee? No, of course not. Nevertheless; we found a coffee company that believes in supporting local farmers as much as we do. 

The Local Favorites program was built on the belief that by only sourcing products that have a proactive and mutually beneficial collaboration aimed at increasing the quality, value, and consistency of the products along with the commitment to working together transparently and long-term, strengthens not only the farmers and producers who make these products possible; it also strengthens the entire local community.  

Food Ideas has teamed with Farmers First Coffee Company with the belief that the story of coffee begins with the people behind it. Farmers First Coffee Company is dedicated to doing things differently and committed to putting the farmers first when sourcing the coffee they purchase from each farmer by paying a 50% bonus on top of the market price each farmer receives, which is as much as four times higher than "fair" trade. This belief and dedication fits perfectly within our "Local Favorites" programs beliefs.   


Rosa's Coffee
Chocolatey/nutty - 12 oz

Daniel's Coffee
Dark, earthy & smooth - 12 oz

Emiliano's Coffee
Bright & floral - 12 oz

Open To The Public